In the training and teaching of horses and riders since 1992, our dedication to quality horse care and rider knowledge and safety has produced many champions in the world of horses, in and out of the show ring. Jubilee Ranch riders reach for the stars, and the awards from the show ring. But they do it naturally, as gentle as possible, to create a partnership with the horse that causes the horse to be happy as well as the rider.

Beautiful horses can be stubborn at times, fearful at times and can cause the rider to learn skills that will assist them in other areas of their lives. Necessary life skills, such as patience, diligence, discipline, time management, emotional control, physical coordination, focus and concentration, goal setting, people skills including assisting and encouraging others, and good work habits. No sissies here! We have gentle people who have changed from being scared out of their minds when they get on a horse and are afraid of getting dirty, into beautiful and handsome, confident riders who just learn to take lots of showers.

Early days with Rob & Linda Brown with grandchildren Austin, Riley, Brian & Maison

A visit to our down to earth facility will help you realize that a “real working horse farm” is exactly that. We are no nonsense when it comes to training horses and riders of any age to become the best they can be. We spend our efforts in building an atmosphere where you and your horse can continue to reach your potential without the concern of putting on the social “airs”. Having fun is paramount when spending time with your horse and friends at the barn. But the main emphasis is on learning while having fun.

Michelle Hardy and Mister Mo

Many activities are on the schedule each month, worked in between the “serious” times of training. Out of 365 days of the year, only 4 major holidays will bring out the “closed” sign. Otherwise, your time with your horse is available during regular business hours and you can stay all day if you want. To capture a relaxing time at this barn is spent while watching a group of horses play while turned out, or enjoying the babies as they compete for your attention. Social hours are what we call times that we spend learning together and sharing horse stories. Monthly clinics and special events always involved some form of learning as well as “fellowship” time. Ask those riders who have been here for 20 years or more about the atmosphere at Jubilee Ranch

Memories of a lifetime are created here.